The Sacred Heart choir was reformed in 2019 by Michelle Wakeham along with Phillip Healey and Pauline McKinnon and initially sang up in the traditional choir loft which could be a cold and drafty corner in the winter months and those members who had some coronary insufficiency were quite breathless by the time they managed the narrow stairs. As with so many gatherings during the pandemic, progress of the choir stalled although a small contingent of young singers managed to produce some beautiful content for the online masses during the lockdowns.

In late 2021 Fr John encouraged the choir to move down to the front of the church which after some furniture moving and electronic work by Phillip became an instant success where the congregation was finally able to view the choir members and provided a wonderful feedback to the choir members with the visual interaction.

The choir is generally very well resourced with microphones for individual singers, 3 keyboardists, 2 guitarists and 2 violinists. All are unpaid enthusiastic volunteers. Backstage, we also have a number of sound technicians which we have come to appreciate is a very difficult job.

Since then the choir has grown considerably and now numbers some 12 regular singers and musicians and sometimes many more when some of our younger singers can join us. Like the congregation, the choir is very diverse in background and we have benefited from our new friendships.

The choir now has a repertoire of around 75 hymns and we are constantly looking for new works, both contemporary and traditional. We rehearse for one hour at 7:30 pm on Thursday nights at Sacred Heart

Finally, we are a non-audition choir. New singers and musicians are always made welcome. We would especially encourage younger singers. It’s a tremendous opportunity to learn to sing and it’s no surprise that many of the worlds leading singers made their start… in a church choir.

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Alan Pollard
Contact Us: 0400210852

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We are a non-audition choir. New singers and musicians are always welcome.